Anyone Near Los Gatos, CAL? $$ for Serial Printer Repair

Bill Degnan billdeg at
Tue Nov 25 17:45:12 CST 2014

$$ Printer Repair in Los Gatos, CA $$ 
Anyone in Los Gatos CA area looking for an emergency repair job? I was
contacted by a travel agency who needs their Texas Instruments RO 810
printer repaired. The problem is that the printer does not respond to prints
sent to it, although the lights are all normal indicating READY.  They're
using the Apollo system but I don't know what kind of computer or terminal
they have hooked up to the printer.  The RO 810 is just a receive only
serial printer, essentially a one way serial terminal, probably 300-1200

Here is a photo of the same printer I own.  I have the manuals, etc.
Probably they're also on the web

Anyone want to take a stab at it? I can help remotely but I live 3000 miles
away. Agency has a backup printer that might work, need someone on site to
set up and or swap parts. IF YOU CAN GO TO CUSTOMER SITE (ideally 11/26 or
Monday after Thanksgiving), please contact me via  I will pay whomever helps me as a
subcontractor and will assist you by phone as needed.  Because I have same
printer I can help run compare/contrast testing.  Note that printer ribbons
for the TI RO 810 and Decwriter II are interchangeable.


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