Available: Datapoint 1500 and 80's Compaq Deskpro available in Forth Wayne, IN

steven stengel tosteve at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 26 14:49:44 CST 2014

I received this email, in case anyone's interested in these systems.
The DataPoint is not the earliest 2200 system.

Contact Laura below if interested.


> I was wondering if anyone there would be interested in a Datapoint 1500 from the 70’s and a 

> Compaq Deskpro from the 80’s. Not sure if the Compaq fires up, but I do know the Datapoint 

> turns on (fan fires up), but nothing comes up on the screen.>
> I’m located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

> Laura Thoma-Dickinson 

> corychapin at aol.com


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