SMD replacement options?

Earl Baugh earl at
Wed Nov 26 15:09:42 CST 2014


In my restoration work on the Sun 1's I'm working with, I'd like to find a
"modern" drive replacement (to allow me to boot the box, so I can cut down
on the wear and tear on the original does still work, but like
to not use it all the time).  I've seen other adapters for various other
protocols (i.e. SCSI and IDE) that allow for either SD card or CF cards to
be used as drives.   I'm wondering if such a beast exists for an SMD drive
that would work with the xy controllers I have.  I do have one or two SCSI
controllers (but not enough for all of my multibus machines) so I have that
partial answer.   But I have a bunch of xy controllers that are were what
were there originally... so I'd like to stay with that if I can...


Earl the Squirrel

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