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Rich Alderson RichA at LivingComputerMuseum.org
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From: Phil Budne
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> Rich Alderson wrote:

>> We have a non-running 1090 here at the museum which is clearly and
>> unambiguously labeled as a KL10D, as well as a KL10PV (blue 1095) and
>> KL10PW (orange 2065) which run WAITS and Tops-10 7.04, respectively.

> Is the 1090 new?  I didn't see it when I visited...

It is not in a display area.  It is in the original computer room on the
3rd floor of the building, back when it was simply a personal project of
Paul Allen.  It was in fact the original system I was hired to work on,
in 2003.

> I remember you pointing to the second KL and saying WAITS had booted,
> but stopped when it realized it didn't have all the hardware it
> expected.  Has it been appeased?

I spent most of 2014 getting WAITS running.  That involved research into
the file system layout on RP07s, using FILDDT on Tops-10 under klh10 to
scribble the expected bits in the correct places on disk images.  This
includes the HOM blocks, the correctly initialized Storage Allocation
Table, the Master File Directory, an entry for 1,3.UFD in the MFD, and an
entry for DART.DMP in ]1,3].  (.DMP is the extension for executables.)
Once that was done, I began populating the file system by building images
of DART tapes (the Disk Archive/Retrieval Tool, or summat like) on TOPS-20,
writing them to real 9-track tape, then reading them under WAITS.

It's been an interesting, enlightening year full of opportunities to learn
Things I Did Not Know(TM).


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