Jonathan Chote jonathan.chote at
Thu Nov 27 13:04:52 CST 2014

Hey everyone,

I've seen a few topics on here in the past regarding the IBM RT, so 
thought I'd ask around here.

I'm installing a new ESDI drive in my 6150 Model 135. I've mostly been 
researching the old Usenet group and the FAQ to work bits out but now 
I've become stuck. It seems the fail-safe trick to getting non-IBM ESDI 
units working is to perform a blind format using the AOS SAUTIL disk. 
Does anybody have access to this disk or disk image or know where I can 
find one?

My AIX 2.2.1 / VRM disk returns "I/O error writing configuration record" 
during format which I believe is because the drive needs to be cleared. 
IBM PC RT Diagnostics won't recognize a drive and format until it has 
the configuration record.

Any help tracking down that SAUTIL disk or assistance would be much 



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