AT&T 3B2 ROMs?

Jerry Kemp other at
Sat Nov 29 03:42:31 CST 2014

You asked about a month too late.

There was a free 3b2 model 400 in the DFW metroplex area just last month on 

It appears to be gone now.


On 11/28/14 01:10 AM, Seth Morabito wrote:
> All,
> Does anybody have binary or hex dumps of the (E)PROMs from any AT&T
> 3B2 variant? I would be very interested in examining them if you do.
> I'm looking especially for any (E)PROMs from the 3B2 Model 400 or the
> 3B2 Model 600, but frankly I'd be happy to get all and any I can find.
> -Seth

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