DEC document AA-L619A-TK

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Sat Nov 29 08:46:14 CST 2014

>>>> I went looking for MSCP docs [...]
>>> [...]
>> [...]
> I'm not sure what you're looking for but I know of three MSCP
> documents which were at one time hard to find.  However I acquired
> copies several years ago, scanned them, and made them available.
> They are:

> MSCP Basic Disk Functions Manual			AA-L619A-TK, Version 1.2, First 
> Edition April 1982

That's the document I was talking about (though, as you presumably
know, it's a different scan of it).

> Storage Systems Diagnostics and Utility Protocol 	AA-L620A-TK 	April 1982

> Storage System Unibus Port Description 			AA-L621A-TK 	April 1982

> Collectively they make up the UDA50 Programmer's Documentation Kit
> [...]

That is very much of interest to me.

What motivated this is that my MicroVAX-II emulator is getting to the
point where I think it may complete a build of the NetBSD world running
diskless, and I'd like to give it local disk.

But that requires knowing enough MSCP to build an MSCP disk emulator.
AA-L619A-TK has almost enough; combined with the NetBSD driver code it
may be enough.  But AA-L620A-TK and AA-L621A-TK will definitely be good
to have.

> If you can't find them all, they are (temporarily) back at

I've snagged copies of all three.  Thank you very much.


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