Problem with DEC LSI11 / KD11-F

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Sun Nov 30 05:31:56 CST 2014

    > From: Mattis Lind

    > The M7270 board has the following chips:

    > 1611H  21-15579
    > 3007D  23-002B5
    > 3010D  23-001B5
    > 2007C  23-002C4

I have two M7270s (haven't checked to see if either one works, yet - need a
working chassis with an 18-bit backplane, too lazy/busy to pull the removable
terminations on my working Sigma Q22).

One has:

 1611H  21-16890-00
 3007D  23-007B5-00
 3010D  23-008B5-00
 2007C  23-003C4-00

which is fairly different from yours; the date codes range from 8018 to 8021
on the uROMs, and 8029 on the ALU.

 1611H  21-16890-00
 3007D  23-007B5-00
 3010D  23-001B5
 2007C  23-002C4-00

which is intermediate between yours, and my first one (but does seem to
indicate that to some degree, these things could be mixed, they aren't
matched sets). The date codes from the ROMs are 8026, 8041 and 8126, and 8031
on the ALU (so the 002 2007C is later than the 003...)


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