FTGH: 2 Sun 280R machines, etc. (Austin, TX)

Mark Linimon linimon at lonesome.com
Sun Nov 30 08:05:27 CST 2014

These are my personal machines.  There is just no more room in the
rack for everything I have now.  Plus, I would really like to be
able to get to the exercise machine again :-)

These are 4U dual-processor machines, I think 933MHz each and 4G RAM
each.  If it really matters I can fire them up and go check.  They
were both working when last powered on a couple of years ago.  (fwiw,
the company I work for routinely scraps these, as no one wants to pay
for shipping, so I know they're not worth much.)  And, if you don't want
to run code on them, I will note they make fantastic room-heaters :-)

They are known to run FreeBSD.

I also have some other stuff that is going to scrap unless someone
really wants it.  And by "stuff" I mean "junk".

  3-4 Sun Netra T1 105s, maybe working, maybe not
  2 HP DL360 32-bit machines, actually I have already pulled the pieces,
    but just in case ...
  several caddies and blanks for the above
  3 Dell PowereEdge 2550s.  Dual P-III 933MHz.  I have caddies.

These are free for anyone who wants them.  I can deliver in the Austin
area -- but, my car can only hold 4U at one time so if you want more than
that you will have to come get it.

I will hold on to the Suns for a bit, but the rest I'd rather scrap in
the next week or so.


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