Random DEC Questions

Robert Jarratt robert.jarratt at ntlworld.com
Sun Nov 30 15:55:18 CST 2014

I just collected a nice little "haul" of DEC gear yesterday and have some


One of the things I got was an RA60 drive. But it doesn't have any packs.
Does anyone in the UK have any RA60 packs they would be willing to part


I also got a VT320, but it looks to be a 100-120V model. Is it possible to
convert these easily to 220-240V?


I discovered that there is a little MMJ to RJ45 adapter called a H8584. I
know I can make cables that would remove the need for these, but they look
quite handy. Anyone in the UK have any of these spare?


I got a DECserver 900TM (see earlier thread about WWEN2.SYS). Manx has an
installation manual on it, but not a detailed operations manual. I don't
have the Flash RAM card which I guess is needed to persist the boot image
without having to boot off the network. Does anyone know what kind of card
it needs? I am told it is a CF card, but it looks like it needs some kind of
holder to hold the card, and I don't know how the image would get onto the
CF card, unless it does that itself after loading from the network.





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