diagnosing an Intel Series II MDS monitor failure

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sun Aug 2 23:56:36 CDT 2015

> > I've never found a 723 datasheet that gives a different values for
> > either reference.
> >

Nor have I 

> The one I had to replace on my Nicolet oscilloscope was made by
> Lambda. I don't recall the reference voltage but I did have to change
> the feedback resistors to get it to work.

I seem to remember that Lambda used a semi-custom IC that was the 
same as a 723 in pinout and function, but had a different reference 
voltage. Whether this was simply to make you get spares from them or
for some actually useful reason I don't know.

Was the failed IC marked '723' or some house number?


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