VAX4000/300 MNS7.3 isntallation from CDROM

Jerry Weiss jsw at
Fri Aug 7 14:21:05 CDT 2015

As Antonio mentioned, the condist VAXVMS073 normally boots into standalone backup mode.  The only application
that runs is BACKUP.

if you boot 
>>>b/r5:10000000 dka700:
(BOOT/R5:10000000 DKA700:)

You get a bit more capability to handle disks.  You can mount the disks  and verify they are accessbile.  If you 
use dump, specify reasonable start and end blocks as interrupts don’t work (!)

$set noverify
    Installing required known files...
    Configuring devices...

System time is:  26-JUL-2015 00:11:19.97
 Enter Yes to the next question to leave the system time unchanged
        (the system clock continues to run unaffected)
 Enter No to set a new system time

 Enter ? to redisplay the time

* Is this correct? (Y/N/?) y

    You can execute DCL commands and procedures for various "standalone"
    tasks, such as backing up the system disk.

    Please choose one of the following:
        1)  Execute DCL commands and procedures
        2)  Shut down this system
Enter CHOICE or "?" to repeat menu: (1/2/?) 1

    WARNING --
    The normal OpenVMS startup procedure has not executed.
    Some commands and utilities will not work as documented.
    COMPAQ does not support PRODUCT INSTALL and other
    PRODUCT operations in this environment.

    Enter DCL commands -- Enter "LOGOUT" when done.
    When you enter "LOGOUT" a logout message will be displayed,
    and you will be returned to the menu.


Note the different prompt.

$$$ mount/fore dka400:
%MOUNT-I-MOUNTED, HD1025 mounted on _DKA400:
$$$ sh dev dka400:/full

Disk DKA400:, device type SEAGATE ST15230N, is online, allocated, deallocate on
    dismount, mounted foreign, file-oriented device, shareable, error logging is

    Error count                    0    Operations completed                  5
    Owner process          "STARTUP"    Owner UIC                         [1,4]
    Owner process ID        00000023    Dev Prot            S:RWPL,O:RWPL,G:R,W
    Reference count                2    Default buffer size                 512
    Total blocks             8386733    Sectors per track                   111
    Total cylinders             3977    Tracks per cylinder                  19

    Volume label            "HD1025"    Relative volume number                0
    Cluster size                   0    Transaction count                     1
    Free blocks                    0    Maximum files allowed                 0
    Extend quantity                0    Mount count                           1
    Mount status             Process    ACP process name                     ""

  Volume Status:  Unknown ACP type.


> On Aug 7, 2015, at 1:04 PM, Holm Tiffe <holm at> wrote:
> Jerry Weiss wrote:
>> Having the CDROM write protected is normal for read-only media.    The target drive needs to be write enabled.   Before you boot the CD, list the disks you have.
> Yes, it's vnormal that the CDR is ro..
> I have the following devices:
> du3 .. CDROM
> and DISK0$DIA0	(RF31)
> and DISK1$DIA1	(RF31)
> and DISK2$DIA2	(RF71)
>>>>> sh device
>> Choose a disk that is unused/empty.
>> Once you get the $ or $$$ prompt, you need to restore the save from the CDROM to your target disk using BACKUP. 
>> My installation looked like this.  DKA700 is the VAXVMS073 CDROM.  DKA0: is the unused disk.  Both disks are on the SCSI bus.
>> During the restore, control-T shows the progress.
>> Once I finished the restore of the OS to the new disk, booting from that disk automatically starts the rest of the install process.
>> ------------
>> $$$ backup/image/verify dka700:vms073.b/save dka0:
>> Saveset volume:1, saveset block:71 (32256 byte blocks)
>> Restoring file: DKA0:[VMS$COMMON.SYS$LDR]SYSLOA1302.EXE;1
>> Saveset volume:1, saveset block:143 (32256 byte blocks)
>> Saveset volume:1, saveset block:1260 (32256 byte blocks)
>> %BACKUP-I-STARTVERIFY, starting verification pass
>> $$$ log
> I've booted the CD w/o any bootflag in R5 to the $ prompt.
> , it asks for the date/time and displays the devices like above
> (DISK0$DIA0 but DU3) and asks if that list is correct, yes it is.
> After that I've issued:
> $ backup/image/verify dua3:vms073.b/save disk0$dia0:
> (dia0 only doesn't work)
> I've get a long list about many files (from the cdrom)
> and SYSTEM-F-VOLINF, volume is not software enabled
> A while ago I've reformated an tested the 3 DSS
> I disks with the firmware on them, the disks are all empty.
> I think here is a step missing, Do I have to initialize them first?
> The disks are ok, the veryfy programs on them saying that....
> Regards,
> Holm
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