PDP-12 at the RICM (Michael Thompson)

Michael Thompson michael.99.thompson at gmail.com
Sat Aug 8 09:17:39 CDT 2015

Yesterday we started disassembling the CRT from the VR12. We picked out the
silicone that attached the metal bezel to the front of the CRT. The exposed
PVA was about 1/8" thick so we picked at the edges to remove as much as
possible. We found that the shield was actually loose and were able to
remove it without the usual heating or using nasty chemicals. Today we are
forming a sheet of 0.093" LEXAN to replace the PVA. It should be a much
better implosion shield than the original PVA.

Picture here:

We tested the high-voltage power supply and it works well. Maybe we can
start reassembling and debugging the VR14 this afternoon.

Michael Thompson

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