VAX4000/300 MNS7.3 isntallation from CDROM

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Sat Aug 8 05:32:16 CDT 2015

On 2015-08-08 08:21, Holm Tiffe wrote:
> Johnny Billquist wrote:
>> On 2015-08-07 18:22, Holm Tiffe wrote:
>>> Hmm.. it seems that the pdf is containing thestuff that I've already read
>>> somewhere on HP's website.
>>> There are two possibilities:
>>> [>>> B/R5:10000000 DKA400:
>>> [
>>> [
>>> [If you are booting from an InfoServer device, enter a command that
>>> [specifies root 1. For example, on a VAX 6000 computer, enter:
>>> [
>>> [
>>> [>>> B/R5:10000100/X:D/B:6 ET0
>>> [
>>> Ok, the first should fit with an abbrevation:
>>>   B/R5:10000000 DUA3
>>> (I have a VAX4000-300 not an VS4000/90, nor I have an VAX6000..)
>>> and this boots until the message with the write protected disk
>>> dua3..(sorry, don't have it handy..) and than the system hangs.
>>> When I simply boot  B dua3 the install system asks for a date
>>> and I finally get a "$". Thats all..
>> That is all that is to be expected. Not sure what you were expecting,
>> but if you read the VMS installation manuals, you will see that this is
>> where you should end up.
> Hmm.. I'm not sure if you read what I previously wrote..I can hear you
> laughing but I don't think that this is really helpful..

Well, I wasn't laughing, and apologies if it came across that way.
However, I was slightly annoyed at your apparent success in getting 
where the documentation says you should get, and then all the 
experimentation with boot flags when you already reached the goal.

> What I've expected was an behavior like that described in the manuals,
> the manuals are telling stuff with boot flags that seems to not applicable
> here.

Correct. The boot flags are not applicable. When you get to the '$' 
prompt, you have succeeded. No point in futzing more. We could try to 
figure out what the effects of the boot flags are, and other possible 
things you could do from the CD, but that would be unrelated to 
installing VMS.

> W/o any flag I end up at the prompt of a standalone backup
> wich is fine for me..


> I'm starting the image restore and now I have a problem that the DSSI disks
> are "not software enabled".

That is a different problem, and needs to be figured out with the DSSI 
disks. I assume you have not pushed in the write protect switches. You 
could connect to the disk drives, and check the status from that side. 
There are diagnostics you can run, and so on, on the disks.
The VAX boot environment on your machine have, I believe, the ability to 
connect you to the disk drives. I can't remember the details, so you'll 
have to either search manuals, or ask online about that.

My only actual recollection of when something like this can happen is 
when the drive decides that some data are unreliable on the disk, and it 
write protects itself, in order to give you time to recover. But since 
you want to do a clean install at this point, you would want to ignore 
this feature. I would hope the built in diagnostics could help you 
there, if this actually is the case.

>> And at this point, you run BACKUP to restore the initial saveset to a
>> disk, and then you boot that disk to continue.
>>> That's why I've asked what todo..
>> And now you know. :-)
>> 	Johnny
> Shure?

Good. You know how to get to the '$' prompt. Thus, booting from the CD 
is accomplished, for the task of installing VMS.
You now have a problem with the DSSI disks to solve, in order to install 
New problem, new questions. :-)


> Regards,
> Holm

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