SCSI Tape to TAP utility

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Mon Aug 10 00:21:14 CDT 2015

On 08/09/2015 09:54 PM, Marc Verdiell wrote:
> Well, Chuck, thanks a bunch, this is very useful and quite difficult
> code to write from scratch. How does one compile for DOS by the way
> (I have to admit I am too young to have ever tried), and get a copy
> of MSC 8.00C. Is the DOS compiler buried in some part of Visual
> Studio? I have some old versions dating back from Windows 95 time,
> when it was called Visual Studio 97... Marc

I believe it was tossed into Visual Studio 97 as a separate CD (not part 
of the usual packet of Visual Basic, 32-bit C++, Visual J++, etc.)  So 
you probably already have it.  I don't install the MS-specitic stuff 
(e.g. COM), just the compiler binaries and basic libraries and include 
files.  It does require some DOS extender support (e.g. run it on Win9x 
or install HXDOS which will also work).  I'd be surprised if there 
weren't a free version wandering around the web; sort of like MASM 6.x.

With a little tweaking, almost any C that can compile to real mode (e.g. 
Borland C) should be able to handle it.  The model that I compiled for 
is the "Compact" one (>64K data, <64K code).

It should not be very difficult to alter for Windows 32-bit cli use 
making use of  WNASPI32--I just haven't had a need for it.  Linux sg 
might also be an option--SCSI CDBs don't change.



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