jwsmobile jws at
Mon Aug 10 17:43:12 CDT 2015

On 8/10/2015 2:16 PM, Lyndon Nerenberg wrote:
>> I didn't see that you had posted to any of the yahoogroups Hercules 
>> groups, and you may be lurking, but wanted to mention them.  I can 
>> post all of the hercules groups or send them offline if you need.
> I'm aware of them, and have scanned a couple of the groups (how I 
> found pointers to the VM six-pack).
> But the Yahoo Groups interface is so repulsive as to be unusable (by 
> me, anyway).
> --lyndon
They have the MTS system working, and you can peruse the group messages 
w/o joining via their web, just google h390-mts and go to that link.

If you want anything in the file section, you will have to join, or feel 
free to message me and I'll retrieve it.  Looks like manuals, and 
patches are available there, don't know if they are archived elsewhere.  
I've not searched to see who is hosting the system, you will have to 
read for yourself.

If you can read the cctalk archive online, you can read the MTS group 
message archive online.  I subscribe to many groups and archive them all 
via email and use that resource personally, but if you have not 
subscribed since the inception of the group, you will of course have 
missed a lot.

Several of the authors of MTS are participating, and you are denying 
yourself a resource that is very valuable, but whatever.


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