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Jay Jaeger cube1 at
Thu Aug 13 10:26:17 CDT 2015

I turned the list into a CSV, based on M7... assumption, using the list at

M700/M70/M7,qty,From editedOptionModuleLst_Apr83.pdf

0,,VT05 Cursor
13,,VT40 (?) vector/char gen
14,,VT40 (?) boot/term
24,,VT55 Graph. Ctl
25,,KW11-K Dual programmable clock (LDP)
26,,???? Not listed
27,,???? Not Listed
86,,PTV11-E Control
92,11,PDP-11/44 KE44-A CIS Data Path/Logic
94,2,PDP-11/44 KD11-Z Data Path
95,,PDP-11/44 KD11-Z Control
96,,PDP-11/44 KD11-Z Multifunction Module
98,,PDP-11/44 KD11-Z Unibus
110,,DS11 Synch. Modem interface
122,3,RT801 FDC Microprocessor Controller
123,,RT805 FDC Serial Line Interface
127,3,RT800 FDC Serial Bus Port
128,2,???? Not Listed
135,,???? Not Listed
136,,???? Not Listed
147,2,M7808 (M7247 + M7246) W/ Synchronized Scanner (DM11)
164,13,???? Not Listed
165,14,???? Not Listed
168,2,???? Not Listed
196,6,TSV05 Controller
211,,KE11-A Register Control (PDP-11/20 Extended Arithmetic Element)
219,2,RC11 Bus Interface
228,5,KW11-P Programmable RTC
232,4,PDP-11/40 KD11-A uWord
244,,DM11 Transmitter
251,12,XOR & CRC Block KG11-A
254,6,RK11-D Status Control
255,6,"RK11-D Disk Control [NOTE: If -YA, modified for Diablo Series 30]"
256,3,RK11-D Registers
257,5,RD11-D Bus Control
258,12,LP11/LS11 Interface
259,,Parity for MF11-LP
260,,PDP-11/05 KD11-B Data Paths
264,19,PDP-11/03 Processor w 4K RAM
268,,RKV11-D Qbus
280,2,"8 UARTS on Quad, DJ11"
410,3,???? Not Listed
454,8,???? Not Listed
485,2,UDA50-A Unibus to Radial Disk w/No ROMS
500,,PDP-11/23 Qual Serial Line Qbus Interface
507,2,???? Not Listed
508,,???? Not Listed
509,,???? Not Listed
510,,???? Not Listed
521,,???? Not Listed
546,2,???? Not Listed
547,2,???? Not Listed
551,6,???? Not Listed
552,2,???? Not Listed
554,5,???? Not Listed
555,4,???? Not Listed
556,4,???? Not Listed
577,,???? Not Listed
602,6,???? Not Listed
605,2,???? Not Listed
606,,???? Not Listed
608,13,???? Not Listed
609,9,???? Not Listed
620,7,???? Not Listed
621,24,???? Not Listed
622,25,???? Not Listed
624,5,???? Not Listed
625,2,???? Not Listed
626,3,???? Not Listed
637,,???? Not Listed
639,2,???? Not Listed
677,7,???? Not Listed
706,2,RK06 Interface & Timing
744,20,RX02 Control
745,14,RX02 Read/Write
765,15,???? Not Listed
769,10,???? Not Listed
772,3,RP04 Synchronous Logic
773,3,RP04 Asynchronous Logic
774,4,RP04 Register Logic
775,2,RP04 Dual Port Logic
776,4,RP04 Error Correction Logic
787,,RP05/6 Interfqace Control
793,,DEUNA Link Module (M7792 to Ethernet Bus Line Unit)
800,32,"Asynch Transmitter/Receiver, KL11 (Various submodels exist)"
803,,Arbitration Control for MC11
807,2,"M7247, M105, M7821 on One Quad, EIA Only (DM11)"
810,6,M781 + M105 + M7821 on one Quad (Paper Tape Interface)
814,3,"8-Line 20MA Data Mux, 50 to 100K Baud DZ11-C, DZ11-D, DZ11-F"
819,3,DZ11-A 8 Line Dbl Buf Async EIA 50 to 96 Kbaud W 103A Modem Control
821,,Fast M7280 (Interrupt Control)
846,2,RX01 UNIBUS Interface
847,22,MS11 Memory (Various Submodels exist)
850,15,"MM11-BP, MM111-CP Parity Board for G651, MS-11-?P"
856,14,"DL11-W, SLU/RTC Option"
859,2,PDP-11/34 KY11-LB Console Interface (8008 CPU)
860,4,DR11-C = M786+M105+M7821
864,,DR11-L 2 Word UNIBUS Input Interface
867,,DUP11-DA SDLC or DDCMP Sync Interface
876,,PDP-11/60 KD11-K  Timing
891,,MS11-L? (Varous Submodels Exist)
893,3,"DRS11, 48 outputs (Various submodels exist: TTL, Open Collector)"
894,,"DRS11, 48 Optical Isolated Outputs"
896,,"DRS11 48 Contact Sense Inputs (Submodels exist - 24V, 48V)"
903,,RK611 Data
904,,RK611 Drive Interface
908,,RK07 Track Position Detector
910,,M791+M105_M7821 Parallel Interface to LA30P
911,,"TMB11 Tabe Control 1, Hex"
921,,MA11-F Data Multiplexor
922,,MA11-F Address Multiplexor
923,,MA11-F Mux Control
930,2,M793+M105+M7821 Interface to Data Products line printers
944,2,MSV11-B 4K 16 Bit MOS
946,5,RXV11 Control
950,3,DRV11-B DMA 16 Bit Parallel Interface
951,2,DUV11-DA Sync Interface
952,,"KWV11-A LSI11 Bus, Programmable RTC"
955,3,MSV11-?D (Various Submodels Exist)
957,33,"DZV11, 4 Line Dlb Buf Async Mux EIA 50 - 10 K Baud W 103 Modem
958,,Q-Bus to I/O Daisy Chain Bus Control & Interface
982,,TS11 UNIBUS to Serial Bus Controller
983,2,MFS11-K Family Control
991,2,PCL11-B TXM (Transmitter) Interface
992,2,PCL11-B TXM UNIBUS Control
993,2,PCL11-B TXM Registers
994,2,PCL11-B TDM Bus Logic * Drivers
995,2,PCL11-B RCV (Receiver) Registers
996,2,PCL11-B RCV UNIBUS Control
997,2,"PCL11-B RCV Interface,"

On 8/13/2015 2:57 AM, Paul Anderson wrote:
> Hi Pontus,
> No, you probably didn't miss anything. I have several students working for
> me and they don't always get it. Sorry, I'll try to correct it next week.
> Thanks, Paul
> On Thu, Aug 13, 2015 at 1:38 AM, Pontus Pihlgren <pontus at>
> wrote:
>> Hi
>> Many interesting boards. I tried to identify them with the field guide:
>> But many numbers didn't exist there. For instance M7765 of which you
>> have 15.
>> Have I missed something?
>> /P
>> On Thu, Aug 13, 2015 at 12:42:53AM -0500, Paul Anderson wrote:
>>> Sorry, this wasn't done the way i wanted.  for the 2 digit numbers place
>> a
>>> 70 in front, for the rest , just put a M7 in front.
>>> On Thu, Aug 13, 2015 at 12:33 AM, Paul Anderson <useddec at>
>> wrote:
>>>> This might work better
>>>> On Wed, Aug 12, 2015 at 11:58 PM, jwsmobile <jws at> wrote:
>>>>> On 8/12/2015 8:26 PM, Paul Anderson wrote:
>>>>>> Thanks Jay,
>>>>>> I was afraid i messed in up....
>>>>>> On Wed, Aug 12, 2015 at 10:25 PM, Jay Jaeger <cube1 at>
>> wrote:
>>>>>> When I visited this link, I ended up with a blank, white page.
>>>>>>> JRJ
>>>>>>> I get a blank page too, no action.  Google drive shares don't leave
>>>>> much you can adjust to try to fix links.  The entire link got thru
>> fine,
>>>>> but it isn't working.
>>>>> Maybe you need to make sure it is view, and public.
>>>>> thanks
>>>>> Jim

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