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and I am looking  for  west  coast  hp -3000's! Mike! 
Due  to freight   az  or  cal...   for a  3000/37 or  micro gear
but  would pay the big  freight if  it was a   old  series II or II or  cx 
or precx or series 1
I spent most of my time on series 2 and 3 machines  and although I do  not  
have one
currently  I DO have the   additional  plug in front  panel that shows ALL 
The CEs  would use  it in dire  times.... actually one  interface card is  
for CX and one  card
for hooking into a series II or  Series III.. I am going to bring  up  the 
37 to use  
Did not  know  you   had  3000 background also we  will have to talk more!
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I worked on HP 3000 systems in the late '80s, and  would like to find 
one for my collection.  A series 42 would be nice,  but a series 37 or 
micro XE would do.  Any leads?  I'm already  aware of the one on Epay in 
Florida that's been sitting at $1,725 for the  past year.

I'm in central PA.

Mike  Loewen                 mloewen at cpumagic.scol.pa.us
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