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Mon Aug 17 15:16:28 CDT 2015

On Mon, 17 Aug 2015, Noel Chiappa wrote:

>    > From: Eric Smith
>    > If a person has any reasonable business justification
> But a lot of the people here don't; they're purely hobbyists. So spending
> $1K on a piece of test equipment just isn't realistic for them.
> Having said that, I do see some DSO's on eBay for not much money (e.g. the
> little hand-held ones), and those might be a good alternative to a logic
> analyzer - I never used one, so I tend not to think of them.
I scored a Rigol DS1102E for $219 last week.  It needs two new rotary 
encoders, but it did pass all the self-tests.  Repair parts were under $3.


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