Probs w. M3119 CXY08 MUX on VAX VMS 7.3

Peter Coghlan cctalk at
Mon Aug 17 17:14:16 CDT 2015

Holm Tiffe wrote:

> Please give me a hint how exactly I should setup a line, no problem for me
> on unix with stty ..but I don't know much about VMS...

I've never seen this particular arrangement so I am just guessing here, based
on experience with other VAX terminal setups.  The terminal settings you quoted
in a different message look ok except for modem control being enabled.  When
this is the case, VMS will want to see the right modem control signals from
a real modem or something very like one.  Some serial controllers do not
support modem control signals and cannot be used without disabling the setting,
even if you have a modem.  Try this:


It might also help to eliminate another variable by disabling autobaud:


The other important setting to have right is Type_ahead but you already have
that.  Once you turn off modem control and autobaud and have Type_ahead enabled,
when you press return on a terminal connected with just TX, RX and ground, you
should get a banner and a username: prompt or maybe possibly just a username
prompt if everything is working normally.

Peter Coghlan.

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