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Jason Scott jason at
Wed Aug 19 05:54:00 CDT 2015

There is currently a design and programming team looking to improve and
redo the search interface. I've been seeing their design approaches go by
on the internal channels as they revise it. I'm not sure when it all goes
live, but an improved and more directed search is absolutely in the plans.
On Aug 18, 2015 11:28 PM, "Jay Jaeger" <cube1 at> wrote:

> On 8/18/2015 8:35 PM, Shoppa, Tim wrote:
> >> IA saturates the channel. Jason and IA are deliberately working to
> redirect all search
> >> traffic to IA from the original mirrors by constantly creating useless
> 'new' content that
> >> Google thinks is real.
> >>
> >> I have watched over time as the volume of Google top search hits have
> migrated to IA hosted
> >> content from the mirrors.
> >
> > I have occasionally stumbled into the bitsavers stuff on IA and was just
> confused and perplexed about what the IA guys are trying to do. Bitsavers
> has a perfectly obvious and navigable layout; IA makes no sense at all.
> >
> > (Of course I'm a little biased!!!)
> >
> > Tim N3QE
> >
> IA seems to be search based, rather than navigation based - but without
> a good engine, or if they have a good engine, the interface isn't
> intuitive.  The might want to look into Lucene / SOLR.

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