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Wed Aug 19 22:52:24 CDT 2015

On Wed, 19 Aug 2015, Tothwolf wrote:
> On Wed, 19 Aug 2015, William Donzelli wrote:
>> Yes, let the guys keep selling the higher demand documents - HP, Tek, 
>> Heathkit. Nearly all of those are super common anyway (and plus, you will 
>> run into problems posting Heath material). Focus on the weirder stuff - 
>> Krohn-Hite, Systron Donner, Clough-Brengle, Packard Instrument, Kay, and 
>> the like.
>> In fact, due to your time constraints, I would not bother with the HP, Tek, 
>> or Heathkit manuals at all. They can wait for the next hoard. They are low 
>> value targets eating up your limited resources.
> I strongly disagree, but I won't repeat my reasoning here since I already 
> wrote some of my reasons why in another reply.
> As for Heathkit though... Danger, Will Robinson!
> While I mentioned legal threats and false DMCA takedowns, I didn't name any 
> names, however since Heathkit was brought up, and I did quite a bit of 
> research a number of years ago regarding Heathkit manuals, I will name names.
> Don Peterson, dba "Data Professionals" in Pleasanton, CA 
> has for quite a number of years been sending 
> questionable legal threats to anyone hosting Heathkit manuals (or selling 
> copies of Heathkit manuals on eBay). Despite his "Big Scary Letter", he does 
> not appear to actually hold the copyright to /most/ Heathkit manuals (if he 
> holds the copyright to any...more recent discussion seems to indicate that he 
> was only sold the right to reproduce a selection of manuals). ...this of 
> course hasn't stopped hobbyists, and large numbers of Heathkit manuals are 
> hosted outside of the US, but quite a number of scanned manuals seem to have 
> been (temporarily) lost thanks to his efforts.
> I did just happen to notice this statement on so 
> perhaps this mess is finally coming to an end?
> "Press Release April 2015 Data Professionals of Pleasanton California has 
> been acquired by Heath Company and will focus on supporting vintage kits by 
> providing parts, modification, and even 'Certified Pre-Owned' Heathkits for 
> sale. Please watch our site for future developments."

I just found this on which 
confirms that despite his Big Scary Letters and legal threats, Don 
Peterson -did not- hold the copyrights to Heathkit manuals:

Q. I read on the Internet that someone else owns the copyrights to 
Heathkit manuals.

A. No, not correct. Heathkit has in the past given a contractual license 
to certain specific parties granting a limited right to reprint and sell 
paper copies of specific Heathkit manuals, to better serve valued Heathkit 
customers on those special occasions when you spill coffee on your 
original kit manual. Such reprinting agreements are designed to outsource 
Heathkit's reprinting operations to small companies who can provide 
replacement manuals cost-effectively but do not convey Heathkit's 
intellectual property, only permission to reprint authorized paper 
photocopies. All Heathkit copyrights remain with Heathkit.

Q. So Heath Company owns all Heathkit copyrights?

A. Yes. All Heathkit copyrights, and all Heathkit intellectual property, 
are property of Heath Company.

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