More on manuals plus rescue

William Maddox wmaddox at
Thu Aug 20 00:32:12 CDT 2015

>> "Press Release April 2015 Data Professionals of Pleasanton California has 
>> been acquired by Heath Company and will focus on supporting vintage kits by 
>> providing parts, modification, and even 'Certified Pre-Owned' Heathkits for 
>> sale. Please watch our site for future developments."
>I just found this on which 
>confirms that despite his Big Scary Letters and legal threats, Don 
>Peterson -did not- hold the copyrights to Heathkit manuals:

Although Data Professionals claims to have been acquired by Heathkit,I suspect Mr. Peterson simply bought what was left of them and folded hiscompany into it  The Heathkit FAQ claims the company is now located in California.

The "Heathkit Store" on eBay linked from the webpage isactually trading under the name "datapro".

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