HP 5480A, or, obscure HP instruments / was Re: More on manuals plus rescue

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Thu Aug 20 07:11:20 CDT 2015

> They reuse numbers for what I call "marketing numbers".   For example,
> with a LaserJet 8150dn, the "8150" is a "marketing number" and not the
> actual HP product number, which was C4267A.  As far as I know they've
> never actually reused a product number.
> I know that's no consolation when you search for "HP 5480" for that
> product, and get printers or supplies with that "marketing number"
> instead.

 I get irritated when I search for HP9100 (meaning the first desktop 
scientific calculator thing) and get hits for some modern-ish
printer/scanner. Admittedly that is a 9100C (the calculators were
9100A and 9100B), but...

I seem to remember that there are at least 5 different HP10 calculators : 

HP9810 (which was called the 'Model 10 Calculator')
HP10 (or HP10A) : A simple handheld adding machine with printer
HP10C : The simplest of the 'Voyager' series. Scientific, programable
HP10B : A simple financial machine
HP10B-II : An upgraded HP10B


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