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Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Fri Aug 21 12:41:56 CDT 2015

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On 21/08/2015 18:19, tony duell wrote:
>> If you have some equipment surely it would reasonable to have the
>> manuals for it.
>> How the manuals are obtained is open to debate but  not if you have the
>> right to own them.
> I would agree (although doubtless lawyers wouldn't :-)).
> A problem, though is when a service or technical manual was an optioanl accessory, which
> had to be paid for separately. In that case it is going to be very hard to prove you had a right
> to own it. And yet the manufacturers can no longer supply it, and you want to fix the <whatever>.
> A case in point. I have a 1980s colour graphics terminal here. The user manual was supplied with it (and
> I am pretty sure I have the original), the service manual was an option and I am pretty sure the previous
> owners never had it. But of course I need the schematics, etc to sort out an EHT fault in it.
> In this particular case there is no problem. It's a Tektronix and comes under (AFAIK) the agreement
> posted on bitsavers. And bitsavers had the 2 volumes of service manual available. So I do not feel
> there is anything wrong in this case. But for other manufacturers it could be a problem.
> -tony

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