Side issue Bevatron PDP-8 Classic & teletype control? and great print/scan cheap

Tue Aug 25 00:31:54 CDT 2015

Any Northern Calif  folk  (current or   Ex)   that might  have  been around 
  the  BEVATRON   -   Ok    this  thing   had  pdp-8 computers  ( the  
classic  first model rack  mounted) and teletypes  hooked  to it
I am  finding very little info on it... 
Just  scanning  stuff on Crocker's Cracker   (the   60 incher) here tonight 
and putting together blueprints.
if  you want a  from the  store  solution  try the  hp 7612  scans and 
prints in excess of  11x17
on sale  less then 200 bucks!  I  highly  recommend the  Microsoft labs  
stitcher  program.  I have  had   some  scans  with  some  pretty crappy 
alignment and I made  one giant beauty of a blueprint.
The  7612  also prints  beautiful 11x17  color   prints to go in displays  
here  for the  museum.

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