Applikon Workstation?

Holm Tiffe holm at
Tue Aug 25 16:02:33 CDT 2015

In the nineties I've workes as electronican and system administrator at the
institue of geophyics at our local University of Mining and Technology here
in Freiberg Germany.
Some day I've got a call from Motorola in Munich, they wanted to get rid of
some old computers and asked if we had some use for them, I've sayed yes.

As far as I know we got 3 Computers, one was an 68000 Unix system from
philips, some kind of Microcomputer development system for 8080 or 8085,
I've got the system running but since there wasn't much software on the
disk we had not much use for this thing. The disk was alsready dying and
lived not that long.
The next thing was a desktop VME System from Motorola, IMHO equipped with
an 68010, some MMUs, an color Monitor ad Harddisk and Floppy.. it run some
kind of VDOS (or so) .. or VME-DOS or soemthing.., I remember that we had some
documentiation for it and I've reinstalled that VDOS.. but not much use for
that thing also.

The 3rd Computer was the most interestng one. That thing was labeled
"Applikon Workstation" (as far as I remember, may be Applicon..).
That was some kind of a microvax made by Schlumberger.
It had an CPU that sat in a QBUS Backplane and a QBUS to UNIBUS Bridge.
The CPU was only a double sized board (!), an Emulex UC07 conected the disk
to the machine and so far as I remember there was some kind of graphics
board on the unibus side. I've repaired the CPU Board by changing the
RSA232 Drivers for the console and the beast came to live. I've fiddeled
around with the TK50 Tapes containing VMS4.6 (if my memory not fails) but
could'nt get warm with VMS... Installed NetBSD and failed.
NetBSD was'nt booting from the SCSI Drives with the Emulex, someone sent
me an UDA50 and I was able to install and boot NetBSD, but had to key in
the loader at the chevron every time I had to boot..
I've sent the Emulex to Ragge for diagnostics and never got it back.
The Machine ran for years as ftp server at the institute until I've pulled
the plug. Have never seen a picture from that graphics board.
I've leaved the University in 1989, the machine sat on the garret of the
building to this time, I'm pretty sure it's long gone...

Now I'm fiddeling with VAXen again and that old thing came to mind, looked
with google but could'nt find a machine like this, not even a Microvax with
a only doubles sized CPU Board like an KDF-11.

The question now someone knowing of a beast like this?



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