SA-800/801 saga continues / schematic request

tony duell ard at
Wed Aug 26 10:39:38 CDT 2015

> As long as you keep believing
> in the power of loving, you will surely achieve
> the victory that is yours alone.
>                                  - BubbleGum Crisis, lyrics from the song, “Victory”, per> /bgc/bgcvtory.htm
>                                         (but if you go there, you see a whole lot of pop-up ads….)

Completely off-topic, but this reminds me of something we sang at school almost 
40 years ago. I have no idea what it came from, or who wrote it.

>From memory, and thus with mistakes : 
'Now perhaps you'll see the moral of our tale
Never be scared to make a start for fear that you may fail
Life is full of puzzles, this we suggest to you
It's not so much how clever you are are as what you try to do'

And as sonebody who is not very clever I have lived by that ever since. My method of computer
repair, etc, is not to be scared, just to have a go. It's worked so far.


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