Applikon Workstation?

Holm Tiffe holm at
Sat Aug 29 01:17:05 CDT 2015

Jacob Ritorto wrote:

> OK, I'm wondering if we're even talking about the same thing here.  This
> stuff's all labeled Applicon, not Applikon.  Nonetheless, here's what I
> found.  I think there's more like these buried around here somewhere.

Well..  Applicon is the right spelling. I've found my original mail to
the NetBSD list from 1995 in the archives where I've listet the contents
of the machine:

>I have got a "Applicon Worstation". This Workstation contains :
>1 MicroVAXII CPU KA630-AA
>1 MicroVAX Memory 8MB
>1 tmscp controller + tk50
>1 DELQA Ethernet controller
>1 MDB M58823A 
>1 M3106 4 Line Async MUX
>1 Host Sil-2 PCA P/N 31970-001 INTFC SERIAL HOST
>1 NEAT PCA P/N 33090-001    ... looks like a serial connected graphics dev.
>1 Disk controller P/N 12272-001 Emulex SCSI labeled UC0410201-03B
>  (solder side of pcb labelled QEC-3V0)
>currently 1 Harddisk Micropolis 1375 (170Mb)
>This machine runs with VMS 5.1 without problems.
>I have tried to install NetBSD 1.0 with the tk50 (files tk50-file?-10A).
>I can run Nboot, label the Disk, and have successfully installed the
>in the swap partition.

I've spelled it Applicon to this time and to this teme the machine was next
to me.. it seems to be the right stuff, but besides the fact that I can read
9 Track tapes with an TSZ07 I don't even think that the machine still
exists... In any case it is out of reach.



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