Xerox 6085 microcode boot issues

Ian Finder iafinder at
Sat Aug 29 19:29:43 CDT 2015

So I picked up a 6085-

When I try and boot it, it gets stuck on 0199, which indicates microcode is getting loaded. It never gets to 0200 or 0201, indicating a success or failure loading microcode. It just hangs.

If I boot diagnostics instead, it tells me (in report codes) to replace the MPB first, followed by the IOP/io board.

Well, I can't really replace the MPB because I don't have another, and I paid quite a bit for the machine.

Anyone seen this issue before? Where should I start on diagnosing the CPU?

Better yet, if someone has a 6085 MPB they are willing to sell, I would be eternally grateful.


- Ian

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