Sales of unearthed Atari games total more than $100,000

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Sat Aug 29 20:48:10 CDT 2015

Have the prices for 2600 E.T. carts climbed over the years, or is these
buyers paying a premium to own a "Genuine landfill ATARI E.T. game,
complete with certificate of authenticity" etc.?

Thing is, the article mentions only a few hundred carts. Rumor had it that
many thousands of carts were dumped, and realistically, such an operation
would never have been worth the while to dispose of only a few hundred, or
maybe a couple thousand carts.

Volumes like that could easily be crushed & ground-up. No need to drag
equipment out to the middle of the desert, just to dump a few hundred
pounds of junk.

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> I was surprised to see the average cart price to be over $120!
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