Friden EC-130 Help

Kyle Owen kylevowen at
Sun Feb 1 22:23:30 CST 2015

A friend of mine gave me a Friden EC-130. It's in pretty good shape, though
it's missing quite a number of screws, as well as the bottom plate.
Pictures here:

As you can see from the pictures, I don't get any distinguishable digits on
the CRT. Thankfully, most of the logic does seem to be working; entering
too many digits before the decimal place as set by the rotary switch
results in an overflow upon hitting enter. Entering thirteen 9s and
dividing by 1 takes about 2 seconds (the button stays depressed; quite
cool), whereas simple adding and subtracting returns the result right away.
Keyboard feels good, and you can see the CRT modulate differently depending
on what's to be displayed.

I've tried the obvious thing of reseating boards and rotating the pots back
and forth a bit, to no avail.

My understanding is that schematics are not available for the unit. Is that
still correct? It wouldn't be a hard unit to reverse engineer; it's just a
whole lot of components.

If anyone has any advice to offer, it would be much appreciated.



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