Remember Coherent?

Dave dfnr2 at
Tue Feb 3 19:12:59 CST 2015

I remember it well. I bought version 3 around 1989 and ran in on my 286.  It was pretty amazing running something so much like Unix on my tiny home computer.  

In order to "civilize" it a bit, I ported an Emacs-like editor called "elle", sz, rz, zip, unzip, and adventure.  I also ported Ken Almquists 'ash', which I called 'dash', adding command history and programmable command line editor (with vi and emacs modes).  I was amazed at what that little system could do, and at how complete an environment those guys at Mark Willarms put together from scratch.

I used it until December 1991 (guess why. . .)
I had the manual for many years afterward, even though I never really used it.  It was such a great well written reference, even without Coherent, it was just fun to keep.  I wish I still had it. . .

     On Monday, February 2, 2015 1:06 PM, Liam Proven <lproven at> wrote:

 I could never afford it & figured I wouldn't understand it if I did.
But it sounded really cool.

Well, as of last month, it's now FOSS.

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