Dennis Boone drb at
Thu Feb 5 10:34:01 CST 2015


 > I've heard something about a prime emulator (to run primos, premix
 > etc)..  does anyone know any info on where it is and how to get ahold
 > of it?

Last I talked to Jim, he wasn't doing hobbyist versions any more. :(  He
said it was a fair amount of work to produce one, and there wasn't much

I don't believe I've seen Primix in captivity, though there are
certainly tapes that haven't been read somewhere.

 > Anyone know of any actual prime hardware out there?

You probably met most of the usual suspects at VCFmw.  Ian Primus has a
fair collection.  I have a working 5340, plus a 2550 and a 4050 that
need work.  I think Jeff Russ had a machine that needed a power supply.
Daiyu Hurst may have a machine that needs work.  There are a few other
folks I've talked to about Prime stuff that may or may not have
hardware, including one ex-Prime engineer who had some hard-to-read
cartridge tapes from an EXL.

Computronics still supports a few customers. (!)  I think 1st Solutions
has packed it in.  There may be a few outfits that support government
machines: not all that long ago, I saw a support price list online that
included a few bits of Prime gear.

I thought you folks had mainly EXL hardware, not 50 Series?


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