Pdp11/23+ EPROM upgrade

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Thu Feb 5 14:01:56 CST 2015

On 02/05/2015 11:43 AM, Glen Slick wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 5, 2015 at 10:49 AM, Roe Peterson <roeapeterson at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I want to update the EPROMs on my 11/23+, which currently has 2716s.  I'm going to need 64k chips, and I understand 2764s won't work on this board.
>> What are my replacement options?  I have a fairly capable programmer, it can probably handle anything with 64k capacity.
> MCM68766

There's also the '68765--a crap-shoot as far as which is easier to find.


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