It's time to restore the 11/45 - progress!

tony duell ard at
Thu Feb 5 15:54:23 CST 2015

>   Hey everyone, making some progress here -- thanks for all the tips so far!
>   Most of the power regulators are fine, but both H745 regulators seem to
> be toast.  Only getting -1.2 volts; should be -15 and they squeal angrily
> when I turn the pot.  The surplus shops seem to want $200 for one, so
> that's not an option for me.
>   How does one repair such a beast?

You are giving them the +15V DC input as well as the AC from the transformer?

If so, sounds like the crowbar is firing. One thing that will cause this is a dried-up
output capacitor (you get nasty spikes on the out thast trips the crowbar).

I am not sure what you are asking with the 'How does one repair [a DEC regulator
brick]'. The obvious answer is just like any other bit of electronics, but presumably
there is some specific problem that you have in mind.


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