GNT-4601 punch cable help

Simon Claessen simski at
Fri Feb 6 02:39:21 CST 2015

well I located the machine and it turns out that the connector closest 
to the corner is used. we made a nullmodem cable going to a db9 
connector and we grab the papertapes on a 600/1200 baud setting as 
handshaking is somewhat broken on the pc side and we want to be shure to 
get al the bits. :-)

Our capture of pdp-8 tapes is here:

On 02-02-15 16:05, Simon Claessen wrote:
> we have a 4601 and i've made a nullmodem cable, but at the moment, I
> cant to remember on which connector it went. i think is was the
> connector going to the terminal, not the computer one. via the dip
> switches on the bottom you can preset three speed settings, available at
> a switch on the top. I will take a look wednesday when i'm back at the
> museum.
> simon
> On 02-02-15 05:43, Mike Loewen wrote:
>>     I have a box of old HP paper tapes to read, and am having an awful
>> time trying to build the right serial cable to connect a GNT-4601
>> reader/punch to a Linux PC.  Does anyone have a known good cable diagram
>> and stty settings that will work?  Thank.
>> Mike Loewen                mloewen at
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Met vriendelijke Groet,

Simon Claessen

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