RA-81 issues

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Subject: RA-81 issues

I have a rack full of  RA81's, all Pass Rom base self test.  If  I try to 
up one of the drives, It will start to spin up and then just stop.  There 
no front panel lights that come on or codes on the terminal screen.  all 3
drives do the same.

These are not connected to a controller, and  the manual does not say this
is need.

The forth one has no drive and the motor seems to turn hard,  is there a 
on the motor ???

- what I'm I missing here
Thanks Jerry

I would start checking the lamps in the buttons. Without checking
the documentation, the button lamps show an error code which is
listed in the manual. So, check the lamps ...

As far as I remember, the RA81 spins up to speed even when it
is not connected to the SDI controller.

Yes, the drive motor has a brake. If you open the lid, you can see
a handle at the right side, at the front. One position pulls a band
as a brake on the pulley, the other position relaxes the band from
the pulley. Which position ... read the fine manual ;-)
Or there is not a band (that's in another drive), then that handle
tensions or relaxes the drive belt.
BTW, at the front of the HDA is a (white) lever. It locks the heads
or let them free.

Not sure if it has effect, but the RA81 has a drive sequence plug.
If power-up sequencing is not used (when you have several RA81
you don't want to start up all of them at once...)   ISTR that you
need to short 2 pins. Normally, there is a plug installed that has
2 pins shorted.

- Henk 

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