Did Dr. Marc Dean Design the IBM PC or was it Lewis Eggebrecht

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>From: Guy Sotomayor <ggs at shiresoft.com>> I think you're mixing Lew with Don Estridge.  Don's team (of which Lew and Marc were part) were the "winning" team.  The other teams were *not* in Boca as I recall.

>From PC News:

"Lew Eggebrecht was the Chief Architect for the IBM PC. He picked all the parts and put them together"

>From The Register

"A 12-strong team was assembled under Don Estridge, the Development Director of the project, codenamed 'Chess'. Lewis Eggebrecht was brought on board as Chief Designer."

History of the Personal Computer


"Lewis Eggebrecht was a principal in the systems engineering design"

So. I mean. I believe you, just a lot of people point to him

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