What is this Concurrent Computer Corporation machine?

Pontus pontus at update.uu.se
Fri Feb 6 17:14:00 CST 2015


My employer has over the years ported our main product to more platforms 
than I can count. I took inventory of our storage the other day and one 
machine has left me clueless: The Concurrent Computer Corporation machine:


As you see it is one rack with a medium sized computer in it. From the 
internet and co-workers I've learned that it has either a MIPS or 68k 
processor and runs a unix version called RTU, for Real Time Unix. CCC 
was initially Interdata, later Perkin Elmer and then spun off into CCC.

Has any cctalk-reader experience with this system? Anything would be 
interesting to learn.

This machine might become available in one way or another later this 
year. And since I believe it was made in Brittain I've pondered asking 
TNMOC if they want it.

Finally, check the content of the directory above for some more Unix 

Kind Regards,

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