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On Fri, 6 Feb 2015 16:06:20 -0500
Peter Cetinski <pete at pski.net> wrote:

> Dr. Dobbs is out of business as of Dec 2014.  I suggest talking to
> your CC company if they charged you for any merchandise.

I agree. Your CC company should refund your money if Dr. Dobbs charged
you but didn't ship product.

I ordered the DVD when I heard they were about to go out of business.
They did ship it - although it took them a couple of weeks to do so.


> On February 6, 2015 at 3:59:40 PM, Keven Miller (rtt)
> (kevenm at reeltapetransfer.com) wrote:
> Due to a posting in December, I ordered 2 DVDs from DrDobbs store.  
> But have not yet received them.  
> I get no email responses or phone callbacks.  
> ddjstore at halldata.com  
> 888-847-6188 appears disconnnected  
> 415-947-6163 I can leave voice mail (listed on printed checkout
> receipt)  
> Any one know of better contacts for UBM Tech to follow through on
> this? Thanks,  
> Keven Miller  

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