Classic computing goes mainstream....

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>> Even the BBC is reporting  :
>> Wil we see a flood of speccies and BBC-B ?
>> Jos
> Oh dear! Mentioning values like that on the BBC is not going to make it
> any easier for the genuine enthusiasts, who don't collect for the
> monetary value.
> Regards
> Rob

Actually, it's been a bitch for quite some time now; lots of guys with
deep pockets driving up prices on machines we could get for very little
money back in the day.

But that's old news; this dynamic occurs in many instances where you have
a small, niche interest that's embraced later by a larger (and more well-
heeled) crowd. 

I just hold on to the few treasures I have from that period (and before),
and grit my teeth if I have to pay the occasional premium for a part I 
need to get something working.

That's just the way it is.  On occasion, I will sell a part to someone
who needs it; some kind folks on this forum and elsewhere have done the
same for me.

Yeah, I own a couple of items that could conceivably be considered 
'Investment Grade', but that's not why I still own them. I don't 
buy much anymore; I just wanted to participate in a cheap but interesting
hobby.  It's still interesting, but it hasn't been cheap in a long time.



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