Classic computing goes mainstream....

Erik Baigar erik at
Sun Feb 8 04:11:19 CST 2015


yes classic computers are getting more popular over time.
But I think this is only true for some very specific computers:

Apple and PDP-Series receive lot of attention where many
of the less known computers still remain cheap and unknown
although they are equally or more advanced and desereve
documentation, restoration etc.

I am not sure what triggers e.g. that the PDP-8s and PDP-11s
are so popular and many people interested in them (I guess 50% of
all mails in this list are somehow related to these) where
HPs, Novas, Rolms, Burroughs, Elliotts, ICTs etc. receive
only very little attention. Maybe the reason is that the PDPs
are easily available?

In many other fields of collecting, the rare items are more
expensive than the common ones  ;-)

>> Oh dear! Mentioning values like that on the BBC is not going to make it 
>> any easier for the genuine enthusiasts, who don't collect for the 
>> monetary value.

I am curious whether some time in the future there will be a
different (and even higher) price for working ones than just
for the "dead" collectors objects...

    Happy vintage computing,


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