Classic computing goes mainstream....

Dave G4UGM dave.g4ugm at
Sun Feb 8 04:28:57 CST 2015

If you look at the related the BBC have reported on this topic two years ago when the Apple Is started fetching MegaBucks so it is really a rehash of an old story.

However as supply dries up, and the number of machines in lofts can't go up , if there are the same number of buyers, and they have more money, prices will go up.

Working BBC-B's seem rare. Spetrums less so but as both (Really)only interest UK collectors I can't seem them ever fetching mega mucks. 

The more valuable UK stuff seems to be things like a working NASCOM I , this nice example fetched £255.00

I wonder what a working Newbear 7768 or 6809 board would fetch. 


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> Well it may revalue what we each already own.
> It may also flush out stuff that has been sitting in a non-collectors house or
> store.
> Will it increase the number of collectors out there? I not sure it will.
> The number of willing buyers out there can't be that many.
> Rod

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