Classic computing goes mainstream....

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> Hi,
> yes classic computers are getting more popular over time.
> But I think this is only true for some very specific computers:
> Apple and PDP-Series receive lot of attention where many of the less known
> computers still remain cheap and unknown although they are equally or
> more advanced and desereve documentation, restoration etc.
> I am not sure what triggers e.g. that the PDP-8s and PDP-11s are so
> and many people interested in them (I guess 50% of all mails in this list
> somehow related to these) where HPs, Novas, Rolms, Burroughs, Elliotts,
> ICTs etc. receive only very little attention. Maybe the reason is that the
> are easily available?

There is also lots of PDP-8 software, and look how many were made. Probably
more PDP-8's than all Novas. 

But software is often the killer. 

> In many other fields of collecting, the rare items are more expensive than
> the common ones  ;-)
> >> Oh dear! Mentioning values like that on the BBC is not going to make
> >> it any easier for the genuine enthusiasts, who don't collect for the
> >> monetary value.
> I am curious whether some time in the future there will be a different
> even higher) price for working ones than just for the "dead" collectors
> objects...
>     Happy vintage computing,
>         Erik.

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