Magnetic tape filesystem

Tom Sparks tom_a_sparks at
Mon Feb 9 01:44:31 CST 2015

On 09/02/15 16:00, Eric Smith wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 8, 2015 at 5:50 PM, Tom Sparks <tom_a_sparks at> wrote:
>> I am wondering if there were any magnetic tape filesystem?
> [by which you presumably mean true random-access tape, rather than
> e.g. 9-track which is normally append-only]
> Yes.  Obvious examples are DECtape/LINCtape.  Different operating
> systems used different file systems, but they generally appeared to
> software as a small, slow disk.
>> Has anyone tried putting cp/m or fat filesystem on audio cassette?

> Some members of the 6502 Group (established 1975, still meeting
> weekly) developed the XPL0 programming language (similar to ALGOL and
> BCPL), and an operating system partially written in XPL0, called TFS
> ("Tape File System") for use on homebrew or Digital Group 6502-based
> systems with digital cassette drives.  TFS eventually evolved into FFS
> ("Floppy File System"), and then APEX, which was sold for use on the
> Apple II by Apparat (better known for NewDOS/80).
I think I found what you are talking about at


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