New BBS in Maryland

Sean Caron scaron at
Mon Feb 9 18:24:51 CST 2015

That can help and probably plays more a factor in professional deployments
but for the hobbyist using the common broadband transports (cable, xDSL,
...) I find it mostly comes down to just getting the quickest connection
you can reasonably afford and cranking up the jitter buffer :O

Just using G.711 u-law (I haven't really played with other codecs to say
whether that could be a factor) end-to-end I've been able to achieve 28.8
kbps+ connects over VoIP with 50/10 Comast "business" as the transport on
my side.



On Mon, Feb 9, 2015 at 12:18 PM, Mike Whalen <mikew at>

> On February 9, 2015 at 11:16:30 AM, Sean Caron (scaron at wrote:
> It's all about latency and jitter. If you can keep the latency and jitter
> down... and consistent... modems will actually work pretty well over VoIP
> and you can sometimes pull off some fairly high data rates... If jitter on
> the link is very bad, good luck, even at 300 baud.
> Is this something usually made better by setting up QoS or traffic shaping?
> Cheers,
> m

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