begging drivers/docs for obscure old PC/Mac hardware

r.stricklin bear at
Tue Feb 10 03:28:05 CST 2015


Over time, I have accreted some assorted unusual hardware for PC and Macintosh, for which I lack the software to drive it. I know we have some terrific packrats on the list, so I'm shaking the tree, to see what might fall out. 

* DuPont Imaging Systems MacBlitz NuBus RISC processor. Apparently this is a Clipper CPU which runs UNIX independently of the host Macintosh, with IPC of some description. Has its own ethernet and SCSI interfaces. The Googles know almost nothing about this.

* Vermont Microsystems Image Manager 1024 (IM-1024) 1024x800 PGC-compatible display adapter.
Supposedly there were AutoCAD, GEM, Windows 1.x and 2.x drivers at one time. I'd love to see any of them.

* Matrox "Space Machine" SM-1280 solid modeling graphics adapter. I'm not sure what kind of drivers were available; possibly it was just a set of development libraries for programming the board yourself.

* Matrox PG-1280 (and/or the Microchannel equivalent MC-1281) graphics accelerator. I'd love to see any DOS-era PC drivers, or the PRPQ that let this board work under AIX on an RT. Somebody on the VC Forum thought he had these installed on a running system, but I never heard any further news.

* Hercules Chrome TIGA (40 MHz TMS-34020) graphics accelerator. I have a Windows 3.1 driver for this, but I'm not sure the card is set up correctly. Mainly looking for documentation here.

* IBM 5364 S/36 PC SSP, MCODE, and/or DOS host software. Somebody on the list kindly sent me a disk image of just enough of the DOS host software to prove my 5364 runs, but it's not a complete install and is missing some features I wanted to enable (keyboard maps mainly, IIRC). In addition, without the MCODE floppies the system can't be reconfigured for the various communications options (bisync, SDLC, etc.) my host PC has installed.

Shoot, I thought there was something else, too. I guess I'll think of it eventually.



until further notice

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