Anyone need spare 11/05 - 11/10 keys?

Henk Gooijen henk.gooijen at
Tue Feb 10 10:32:09 CST 2015

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From: Noel Chiappa
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Subject: Re: Anyone need spare 11/05 - 11/10 keys?

    > From: Noel Chiappa

    > I'm about to go back for two more: does anyone else need one/any? If
    > so, please let me know

One thing I need to check, before I get a whole stack made: does anyone know
for sure if all 11/05's and 11/10's use the same key? (This is a standard,
flat 'Yale'-type key, not the cylindrical key used in the 11/45's, etc.) The
two I have do, but they came from the same place, and so might have been
re-keyed to use the same key.


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I have both /05 and /10, but I can check/test on Saturday.
The key is as far as I know identical for both models.

- Henk 

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