Any PDP8 for sale..?

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Fri Feb 13 02:14:06 CST 2015

Hi Paul,
Really?  I'd like to get a hold of PDF copies of the Documentation.  Do you have a good source for DEC literature, datasheets on these machines?  
What are the features of the various versions you mentioned?  I used a PDP8/E back in high school in 1976 - 1978.  Until tonight, I never knew the processor was an 8008-1 cpu.  I've been studying that chip a little lately.  
I'm just now getting into the retro bug myself where DEC PDP equipment is concerned.  I'd like to get a well-equipped system, but I hesitate to ask the price for the various pieces.  :P  I've been thinking of finding a PDP8 emulated in modern hardware as an alternative.  Please keep me posted on your findings.  I would greatly appreciate it very much.  Thanks in advance.

Kip Koon
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Hi Martin,

I have extra As, Es, Fs, and Ms, with most of the options, but don't have my test beds set up yet.


On Tue, Feb 10, 2015 at 9:48 AM, Martin Meiner <martin at> wrote:

> Being bitten by "vintage computer restoring" bug, I am long time 
> looking for a reasonable condition PDP8, preferably a PDP8/L.
> Is there such a machine out there looking for a new home or can 
> someone point me to a possible selling-place other than eBay? EBay has 
> hardly any, and just a few weeks ago I unfortunately missed one.
> Any help or hint is highly appreciated...

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